Man suffering from bone cancer seeks help to amputate leg

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that ever existed in this world. With its many types and complicated way of medication, people have become more anxious when the topic of this disease is being talked about.

In as much as cancer is a deadly disease, most people can’t help but feel pity and apologetic towards people who suffer from this disease. This is why many were touched when this brother posted the situation of his sibling on Facebook.

Singleto Gantalao, said in a Facebook post that he is humbly asking for help from everyone who can help his brother who is suffering from bone cancer.

He said that his brother only wanted to amputate part of his leg but his family cannot afford an operation to do so as they are very poor. Singleto even added that his brother has been abandoned by his wife and children and only had his sibling to support him in such a difficult time in his life.

Singleto is humbly knocking on the doors of everyone who may come across his post. He even left his phone number so those with a helpful heart can freely contact him trough this number 09755051830 or 09068667028.

We hope many more people will be reached by this plea for help especially those with a giving heart. May Cristopher be able to have the operation that he desperately needs.