Man seeks help to amputate his leg

There are many types of diseases that exist in this world. Some are common to most people while others are very rare that it only affects one out of 1,000 citizens. What remains sad is the fact that most people who suffer from incurable diseases are those who are not able to pay for their medication.

Just like in the case of 47-year-old Singlito Gantalao of Ayungon, Negros Oriental.

Photo Credits: Facebook/Singlito Gantalao

Back in 2019, Singlito Gantalao, said in a Facebook post that he is humbly asking for help from everyone who can help him as he is suffering from what they suspected as “bone cancer”.

To further understand what Singlito is suffering from, his story was featured by Kapuso Mo: Jessica Sojo.

According to the featured story on Singlito, he first felt pain in his lower leg back in April 2019. Then, he dreamt that he poured hot water into his leg only to find out that it happened in real life.

Photo Credits: Facebook/Singlito Gantalao

Thus, his leg got burned and he was rushed to the hospital. While he was there, the doctors recommended medicine that was worth PHP10,000. As the family did not have enough money to buy such, they were left with no choice but to bring Singlito back home.

There, his brothers and sisters are the ones left to care for Singlito but it was as if the disease keeps on creeping into his body.

While his family suspects he is suffering from bone cancer, doctors say otherwise. A pulmonologist, Dr. Dehuel V. Cuyacot suspects Singlito may be suffering because of “flesh-eating bacteria” that has gotten into his leg. As a result, experts suggest that his leg be amputated so that sepsis or blood infection can no longer occur and will not affect the rest of his body.

Photo Credits: Facebook/Singlito Gantalao

Good thing for Singlito, Silliman University Medical Center will enroll him in their charity program and he will be given free accommodation, medical supplies, and medicine.

Despite this, as Singlito’s leg will be amputated, he is in need of an artificial leg that can cost quite a lot of money.

Because of this, Singlito is humbly knocking on the doors of everyone who may come across his story. If you plan to donate any amount for Singlito, you may check the information on the video below.

Here’s his story featured in KMJS:

We hope many more people will be reached by this plea for help especially those with a giving heart. May he be able to have the artificial leg he desperately needs and continue to live the normal life he used to have.

We updated this article based on the new information gathered.