Woman Shares Awareness on How She Lost Her Money From a Sophisticated Text Scam

Nowadays, scammers are everywhere. Have you ever come across a random text message from an unregistered number on your phonebook saying that a relative of yours is in the hospital and is need of cash, ASAP? That is one example of a scam that has victimized many people.

This is why everyone is advised to always be vigilant especially that through technology advancement, its as if the methods of scammers are also developing.

Just like this new text scam experienced by a Facebook user named Lei Ramirez. Through a long post along with a screenshot of the short text she received, Lei explained how she was scammed in minute details.

She recalls receiving a call from a random number saying “Smart Communications” (her teleservice provider) is having an upgrade in its system and that she only needs to follow a few instructions. Seeing that the transaction seemed legit, Lei followed the instructions without any hesitation.

However, an hour later, she noticed something odd as she can no longer access the internet and cannot even send text messages. She felt alarmed and asked a friend of hers to call her phone. The number kept ringing but there was no notification on her phone.

This alarmed her that she immediately called her family members to warn them about her situation. Then, she went outside and bought a new sim card.

She was flustered after receiving so many e-mails that her bank account has made transfers to bank accounts unknown to her and even registered various numbers on her mobile banking app.

When she checked for her balance, there was only PHP 3,000 remaining on her balance. It was then that she realized that she was scammed. Lei is now cooperating with the staff of the bank provider to help her in her current dilemma.

As for the post, Lei wanted to warn everyone about this new modus operandi of scammers so that they can no longer add anyone else to their long list of victims.

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I'm sharing this to give awareness with the hope that everyone should stay vigilant and to never be a victim of these…

Posted by Lei Ramirez on Monday, 28 October 2019