Robber refuses money from an elderly woman and kisses her forehead to calm her

CCTV cameras are very useful, especially in this day and age. Crimes can now be solved more conveniently with the help of these CCTV cameras. Aside from catching faces of criminals, these cameras sometimes capture bizarre moments too! Just like in this captured clip of a robber in Brazil.

In a bizarre robbery that occurred in Brazil, a robber was captured refusing money from an elderly woman and even kissed her on the forehead to comfort her while his accomplice robbed the premise.

The two robbers entered a pharmacy on Tuesday afternoon, October 15, during which an employee of the pharmacy and the elderly woman were present.

According to Good Times, the pharmacy owner named Samuel Almeida recalls that the robbers asked his employee to give them all of the money. Seeing the situation, the elderly woman also approached one of the robbers and willingly offered the money she has.

However, she was surprised by what the robber did instead of taking her money. He just kissed her on the forehead and said, “No, ma’am, you can be quiet, I don’t want your money.”

The two robbers were then able to escape with US$240 and several goods. As the short clip recorded by the CCTV was rather unusual, it easily spread in various social media pages after it was uploaded and people had various reactions to the said clip.

Meanwhile, police officers are already investigating the robbery but as of writing time, no specific person is identified yet.

Watch the short clip of the unusual robbery here: