Son sets up hidden camera in mom’s nursing home and catches caregivers actions

Our parents are special people who hold a place in our hearts even before we knew what feelings were all about. They are the ones who made us see the beauty of the world and showed us what unconditional love is. That is why children also see to it that the same love and care is given back to their parents even if it’s no longer through their own hands.

This is why the fury felt by a son has made people on the internet also express their anger towards this controversial nursing home.

Camille, a young working professional thought he’d found great accommodation for his mother Helen, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. The home was described as loving and caring.

After a while Camille began to suspect that something was off – there was something about the place that just felt … wrong. Then, one day, he discovered his mother Helen with a black eye. He then decided to install a hidden camera.

Camille soon uncovered the unthinkable. Despite putting up a camera, he continued to hope and feel it was unlikely that anything wrong was taking place. But after watching the recordings, he discovered that not just one, but several of the home’s staff were abusive toward his mother.

In the video below, we see, amongst other things, how one staff member blows his nose with Helen’s bed sheets. We also see two employees heavily making out in her room while Helen watches on, clearly uncomfortable. Worst of all is when Helen gets a washcloth full of feces propped up in her face.

When Camille revealed the films to the home’s director Alan Cavell, he acknowledged that they failed. He promised to overhaul the procedures and greatly improve security at the home in order to ensure that kind of behaviour is never repeated again.

All the staff involved have been fired, though one of them was reinstated when Camille decided that he no longer wanted his mother there. The manager was fired following the incident.

According to Newsner, Helen, who died in September 2016, was the wonderful mother of seven children. She was a nurse during World War II before she had to flee the Nazis and emigrated to Canada.

It was a good thing that Helen’s son was able to uncover the unethical deeds the staff was doing inside the care home. He did not only help his mother but also all the other residents inside the care home. Thanks to his efforts, his mom was able to die in peace.

You can watch the full video of the abuse below: