Doctors removed $53k worth of jewelries and coins inside a woman’s stomach after she complained about abdominal pain

People all over the world have their own preferences when it comes to securing their valuables. Some find it advantageous to keep it in banks while others prefer storing treasure inside their homes. In one rare case, a woman had the most unusual way of keeping her treasure in a safe place.

Runi Khatun, 26, was rushed to hospital complaining she had been suffering abdominal pain and thrown up after every meal for a week.

Scans revealed there was metal in her belly and when surgeons at Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital, in India, opened her up they were stunned.

According to The Sun, inside the lady’s belly were 69 chains, 80 earrings, 90 coins, 11 nose rings, eight lockets, four keys, a watch dial, two silver coins, and five anklets.

Most of the hoard was made of copper and brass but some of the items were gold – and weighed a whopping 1.6kg (3.5lbs).

Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, head of the surgery department said, “The patient looked weak and emaciated at the time when she was admitted to the hospital. Her condition was so critical that she required at least five bottles of blood. She could not even intake food physically so we had to administer Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to artificially inject food through her mouth.”

(TPN is a way of supplying all the nutritional needs of the body by bypassing the digestive system and dripping nutrient solution directly into the veins.)

Meanwhile, the patient’s mother said that she noticed ornaments had started disappearing from their residence, however, she had no idea that her daughter was swallowing them. She said her daughter got the coins from her brother’s shop but when she questioned her about their disappearance it made her cry.

There has been a sharp increase in medical cases where patients have been reported to swallow solid objects for reasons unknown. This disorder is called Pica Syndrome.

As there is still no direct cure for Pica Syndrome and people suffering from this disease may also show no symptoms at all, everyone is encouraged to always talk to and keep an eye on each family member. We’ll never know, maybe people only resort to doing such acts simply because they crave the attention of everyone around them.