Couple celebrates 1st year together through grand feast

Couples often make it to a point to commemorate special milestones in their relationship. For some, even just a simple date for anniversaries would suffice but for others, the grander the gesture is, the better!

Just like in the case of this couple who is now collectively known as “Shairiel”. What made the two famous is their grand gesture of celebrating their first year of being together.

In a post by Shaina Mae Pascual Quizada, photos of the celebration can be seen. Facebook users are left in awe as the photos show the type of feast one can expect from typical birthday celebrations of Filipino households. That includes signature dishes like Lechon and lumpia.

In fact, upon coming across the post, one may mistakenly think that the food and the entire celebration are intended for a birthday bash. Except that the caption to the post says otherwise.

Additionally, friends of the couple were also invited to the celebration and a tarpaulin which shows photos of the couple throughout their year-long relationship also added festive vibe to the celebration.

The comments section of the said post were all filled with the famous expression “Sana All” to indicate the netizens’ wishes to experience something similar to what the couple had.

Meanwhile, there are also others who expressed bitter reactions saying “walang forever” to indicate that the relationship between the two will not last for a long time.

Well, despite these varied reactions, what prevails is the strong love between the couple which was obviously shown in their grand celebration!

How about you? Are you planning to hold a celebration just like this viral one with your partner? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!