This man nearly lost all of his fingers after wearing dozens of rings for years

For some people, wearing accessories or pieces of jewelry complete their fashion statement. May it be through occasions or just plain stroll around the mall, fashionistas just see to it that their outfit is complimented by matching accessories. But, have you ever imagined having the need to amputate one or more of your fingers just because one or more “rings” stayed too long on it?


Photos of a middle-aged man from Thailand are now gaining attention online. This is because the snaps show the man’s swollen hands and a bunch of rings and rubber bands on all his fingers.

World of Buzz cited that the man might have been wearing those rings on his fingers for many years. This caused a lack of blood circulation in his fingers.


As a result, his fingers became purple and swollen, which eventually led to necrosis – the death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.

His condition later worsened that he was even deemed as someone who is unable to work. Despite all of his suffering, he still did not seek help until someone called a charity organization to take him to the hospital.

Because the rings were all stuck to his fingers like glue, rescuers had to saw open the metal and plastic rings that were squeezing his fingers very tightly. After a few hours, they succeeded in removing all of the rings.

In the end, most of his fingers were freed, but sadly, some of his fingers had to be amputated.

The man must have suffered from unbearable pain for the most years of his life. It was a good thing that there are people who came to rescue him. We hope and pray for the speedy recovery of this man and may his experience be a lesson to everyone else out there.