These students invented low cost urinal system for their school

Some may have noticed it already but it is indeed true that kids are very observant of their surroundings. They may not be very vocal about it but they are curious about many things. More importantly, it may be hidden from adults’ knowledge, but kids may already be conspiring a plan for the greater good.

Just like what these Grade 8 kids from India were able to invent out of their simple understanding of how things work.

In a government school in Kurumbapatti of Manapparai block in Trichy District, India called Kurumbapatti Panchayat Union School, 4 kids have made a very useful yet very economical invention.

Class 8 students – G.Subic Pandian, S.Santhosh, P.Dayanidhi, S.Rahul and R.Prabhakaran led by their teacher D.Kesavan have managed to design and construct low-cost urinals to be installed inside their school campus!

The low-cost urinal is simply made from empty 20-liter water containers. A big part of the water container is cut so an opening that resembles the shape of ceramic urinals is made. Then, the containers are painted white and are attached to a wall to keep them in place.

The lower opening of the water containers is then attached to a series of pipes which led to an underground septic tank. On its upper part, a long hose with continuous water flow is also attached so that urine can be flushed continuously.

This invention done by kids is something really worthy of praise and recognition! Aside from its usefulness, it is also a step to saving the environment as it encourages the use of recycled materials.

Ever since the story of the kids was posted on Facebook, many people praised them for a job well done.