Girl undergoes 50 surgeries to look like her idol, “Angelina Jolie”

We all have someone we look up to admire for various reasons. Some idolize singers because they are inspired by their music and also have a passion for singing. Others admire athletes because of sharing the same passion for the same sport. Many also idolize celebrities because of their stunning appearance that most people refer to as their ‘dream look.’

However, this 19-year-old teenager just took her fantasies about her favorite star to something that has turned into a nightmare.

Sahar Tabar has been idolizing Angelina Jolie since she was a kid. She claims to be one of the Tomb Raider actress’ biggest fans and has said she “would do anything” to emulate her.

The 19-year-old from Tehran underwent 50 surgeries in the space of just a few months, according to The Sun. This is all for the glory of being called a “look-alike” of her idol.

Although her pictures have already spread in various social media platforms, the reports on her having undergone 50 surgeries was not yet confirmed. This led people to speculate that her unique looks are the result of careful makeup or even prosthetics. She also reportedly went on a diet to maintain her 40kg weight, which – provided she is over 4.8ft – would classify her as dangerously underweight.

Nonetheless, Sahar still gained attention and has amassed more than 308,000 followers on Instagram although many of which have left unflattering comments on her pictures.

One person simply posted “Zombie” on a recent shot while another said: “Her: Doc make me look like an 8-month-old corpse. Doc: Say no more.”

Well, what about you? What can you say about Sahar’s unique feat? Share your thoughts in the comments.