This guy created his miniature house by using tiny pieces of bricks

Building the house of your dreams does not only require a lot of money but also thorough planning and choosing the right people to carry out your plans. As hard as it may seem, it is still worth it in the end. So, to give you an idea as to how a house is built from scratch, this guy uploaded a video to demonstrate how a house is built by using a ‘mini-house’ as a model.

In the said video uploaded by the Youtube channel, OUROBOROS ARQ the foundation of the house was first measured and marks were made as to the would-be walls of the house. Then a hole is dug on these parts.

Next, mini steel bars were grouped and bonded together as these will be put on the holes previously dug. Longer steel bars were also grouped by fours as these will serve as the columns of the house. As soon as the steel bars were safely installed, cement is then poured in the holes so that the foundation is strengthened.

Then, the vertical steel bars were cemented together and viola, the columns of the house are now up. The man in the video then proceeded with stacking bricks one by one and using cement to glue them together. The stacked bricks will soon be the walls of the mini house.

Of course, ventilation is needed inside the house. So, for the windows, a small chop of wood was creatively used to shape a window.

A little later, horizontal steel bars were installed on the would-be second floor of the mini house. More bricks were patched up together too. As bricked were piled, the house is now filled with different rooms.

As for the roofing, popsicle sticks were glued together to create the protective roof. The popsicles were topped with a mini version of slate to create the perfect looking roof.

To finish off the details of the mini house, the outside portion was cemented and was painted with white. As for the inside portion, mini bricks were arranged to serve as the flooring of the house. Mini handrails were even installed for the stairs and mini-plants inside clay jars were also displayed to beautify the house.

It is indeed amazing that such kind of a miniature house can be possibly made! Kudos to the men behind the video!

Well, would you like to see your house looking this elegant too?

Watch the full video here: