Students raise money for their teacher who was unpaid for 2 months

People work in order to get a salary and provide food on the table for their families. However, it is a sad reality that there are people who work hard but are left unpaid due to some circumstances.

Bruno Rafael Paiva is a substitute teacher in Brazil who had been covering for a pregnant colleague. As he had such a pleasant personality, the 28-year-old music teacher formed a strong bond with his students. Despite being a hard-working teacher, Bruno was left unpaid by the state government.

According to Unilad, it even came to a point where Bruno had to sleep inside the school campus because he was unpaid for the past two months. So, when the students found out their teacher’s situation, they worked together to help him.

One day, when the teacher came to school, the students were all acting weird. None of them would dare to say what was happening. Then, Bruno was forced to walk back to his desk and found a small box.

To his surprise, the box contains roughly 400 Brazilian dollars (around $80) which the students saved together. The said amount is equivalent to 2/3 of his monthly salary and is the first money he received ever since he started teaching in the school.

Bruno was so touched by the kind gesture and can’t help but cry in front of his students. To comfort their teacher, the students stood from their seats and gave a group hug to their beloved teacher.

Indeed, good work is paid with kindness from the people around us. Yes, what Bruno received may be a few dollars short of the total amount due to him but seeing that this is made possible through the effort of his students is a big achievement for him as their teacher.

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