13-year-old boy puts needle up his peehole to stay awake and finish his homework

When it comes to taking home school activities, there are people who simply cannot sleep unless they finish doing all of their homework. After all, this will still constitute part of their grades.

As such, there are many methods used by students in order to stay up all night. Drinking coffee is one, eating chocolates is another. There are even others who prepare lots of food to eat while studying. But, this kid from Shaanxi did an outrageous way of keeping himself awake for the rest of the night.


This 13-year-old kid picked up his grandmother’s acupuncture needle and stuck it up to his urethra. As shocking as this act may seem, no one in his family knew what he did until a few days later.

According to Shanghaiist, his mother later noticed that her son was walking around strangely and asked what the matter was. He then confessed to shoving the 10cm needle up his peehole as a way of remaining alert.


At the hospital, the doctor said that simply pulling the needle out risked damage and infection. Instead, the kid went in for surgery and after a two-hour operation, the needle was safely extracted.

It was a good thing that no serious infection or complication was done on the kid’s body after his desperate attempt to stay awake.

May this kid’s unfortunate experience be a lesson to parents to always keep an eye on their children as they may attempt to do things which are “unharmful” to their own understanding but is extremely dangerous to their bodies.