Sapin-sapin vendor surprises students after answering a Algebra problem about complex fractions

In schools here in the Philippines, sapin-sapin is a common delicacy that can be bought at a cheap price. As such, there are many vendors who opt to sell sapin-sapin because it can easily sell out.

This sapin-sapin vendor is now a trending topic online not because of the products he is selling but because of his exceptional mathematical skill.

In a post shared by Facebook user Manzanilla Eriká, a man can be seen holding a small basin over his head. The small basin contains the sapin-sapin that he is selling.

At first, the whole class seemed uninterested as such a product can be purchased just anywhere around them. But, a few moments later, the guy started to answer the Math problem written on the board.

They were very impressed when he got the correct answer. They began to question as to how a vendor can manage to answer a problem that even they find hard to answer.

It was later revealed that the vendor named Norwin Del Rosario was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education but have failed to pass the Licensure Exam. Thus, while he is still preparing to retake the exam, he tried to work part-time as a sapin sapin vendor.

A few months later, through his hard work and dedication, the sapin sapin vendor successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers and will soon be a full-fledged public school teacher.

Indeed, this man is another example and a lesson for each of us to not judge anyone by just their appearance. Get to know people first, discover their potential and be amazed by the many things they are able to do. Faith in humanity is something we should cultivate.

Watch the full video of Norwin answering the Match question here: