Rich guy gets rejected despite proposing with a Lambo

When it comes to impressing the girl you like, most guys give their all. May it be showing off their wealth, talent or wit, name it and they’ll do anything in their power to get the sweet yes of the lady their heart beats for. However, there may also be times when these things are of no effect at all because there are still ladies who value the feeling of love towards another person than any other material thing in this world.

That is exactly what happened when this man proposed to a girl in Hunan, China. In a Facebook video uploaded by the South China Morning Post the man bought a Lamborghini, a bouquet of flowers and popped the question to this Russian Girl in the middle of a busy street.

The girl was seen wiping her tears as she was surprised by this gesture. People in the background can even be heard chanting “Marry Him”.

However, events turned south when the girl said “Stop pressuring me. I do not want this. I’m sorry.”

In an effort to change the girl’s decision, the guy persistently insisted that on his own accord, he can buy anything that the girl wants. Because of the chaos, many people went in to see what was happening and recorded it on their phones.

In the end, the girl walked out from the scene after saying the words, “so what if you’re rich?”

Because of the embarrassing rejection, the man vented his anger on the products displayed around him. Bystanders tried to stop him but the damage has already been done.

As of writing time, there were no reports as to what happened with the man and the woman after the unfortunate proposal.

Watch the full video here: