KMJS: “Hello Goodmorning” vlogger Erika Embang reveals how much he earns from Youtube

Erika Embang is only one of the many vloggers who is quite the hot topic these days after their ‘estimated’ earnings spread on social media. The fact that these people who are doing what they love can earn thousands of pesos piqued the interest of many.

As such, many became curious as to how could these random people earn such high amounts. So, through Kapuso Mo: Jessica Sojo, one of the trending vloggers in the Philippines was featured.

Erika ‘Ekangkang’ Embang first made headlines when his tagline “Hilu Goodmorning” became a trending phrase on social media. His hilarious videos earned him the fame that he now has. In fact, the subscribers on his Youtube channel already rose to 300,000 and counting.

Erika revealed that he came from a very poor family in the small town of Murcia in Negros Occidental. Since he had no one to turn to, Erika had done various jobs from being a housekeeper to a parlor assistant. There even came a time when his family was left with a lot of debts and no food to eat. All these happened after the sudden death of his brother and just a month after, was followed by his father.

Little did he know that a few years after, a video he took while waiting for customers on the parlor he works in will change his life drastically.

Ever since his first video became viral, he managed to grab the attention of Lloyd Cadena, an equally famous vlogger here in the Philippines. Lloyd helped Erika to start off with vlogging as his career. He gave him a camera and promoted him on his Youtube channel.

According to his interview with KMJS team, he accumulated almost 100,000 pesos for his first paycheck from Youtube, a significantly huge amount of revenue considering that he can be considered as a newbie in this new industry. In his recent videos, Erika is now building home for his family.

Indeed, people who persevere in life are blessed with things they could only dream of. Kudos to Erika and may her vlogging career continue to prosper in the years to come.

Here’s the featured video of KMJS for Erika Embang together with another popular Youtuber earning 6 digits monthly.