Six-year-old YouTuber easily buys $7.8 million apartment with her own earnings!

Nowadays, people make it a habit to always take pictures or videos of almost anything that happens in their daily lives. These snaps are then uploaded on various social media platforms for the world to see. But, not everyone is aware that uploading videos on social media or what is commonly known now as “vlogging” is a job that actually pays. Plus, even kids can earn millions through this.

Just like this six-year-old YouTube sensation from South Korea who has managed to buy a five-story apartment block in Seoul for $7.8 million (9.4 billion South Korean won) out of her own earnings.

Boram bought the property in the suburb of Gangnam with her parents, through the Boram Family company, according to a public real estate registration document.

According to Ladbible, the internet sensation makes £2.5m a month from her two YouTube channels – Boram Tube Vlog which has 17.5m subscribers and Boram Tube ToyReview which has another 13.6m.

Both the channels are aimed at children, with the Vlog page looking into Boram’s day-to-day life and the ToyReview – you guessed it – reviews toys.

She’s one of the most popular Korean YouTubers; one of her videos has been seen over 376m times. The said clip shows little Boram making instant noodles using a plastic toy kitchen and then sees her slurp them down on camera.

The young vlogger said her clips are ‘making play and a fun kids’ playground video… cute and rewarding memories of everyday life’.

It sure is amusing to know that even kids who are having a fun time can generate income too. However, concerns are now arising for the young girl because there were some videos of her that reportedly have ‘inappropriate’ content, especially for children. Some of the videos were seen to show her steal from her parents’ wallet, drive a car on the road and one even showed her pretending to give birth.

Because of these issues, child labor agencies in Korea went to court in 2017 claiming Boram’s parents were ‘gaining financial profit by putting the children in situations that could put them under mental distress and distributing the footage to the public, with a negative influence on underage viewers who watch the clips’.

As a result, the Seoul Family Court told Boram’s parents that they needed to complete a counseling course designed to prevent child abuse.

Here is Boram Tube Vlog most-watched video with 377M+ views