Man travels 2,400 km to surprise girlfriend only to find her in the arms of another guy

When it comes to relationships, it is always a plus point to know that your other half is always doing his or her best for you and for your relationship. We often see couples sharing their sweet moments on social media. But, what could happen when a man took the extra mile to surprise his GF but ended up finding out that his other half has been cheating on him? That sure is on a different level of heartbreak.

In a Twitter post that has been going viral, a user shares several photos of a guy dressed in a teddy bear mascot and facing another couple.

Based on the caption of the post, the guy wearing the bear costume had been in a long-distance relationship with the girl, and he had decided to surprise her. He had reportedly traveled over 2,400 km to give her a surprise, but he was the one that got the nasty shock in the end.

He was shocked to see her in the arms of another man and without saying a word, he took off the head of his costume and stared at the cheating couple. She noticed someone staring and turned her head to look, which was when she noticed her boyfriend standing there.

Then, the photos show him walking off without a word as he puts the head of his costume back on. Probably to hide his tears! The girl chases after him, but he flings off her hand and continues walking. Later, she looks like she has caught up with him and is hugging him, but he seems to be unresponsive. It is unclear whether they got back together after that.

According to World of Buzz, as the photos were first uploaded on Weibo, a giant Chinese social media site and people assumed that this incident happened in China and there were reports that the guy had originally traveled there to give his girlfriend a surprise on her birthday but this has not been confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, many people who saw the post sympathized with the man. They even advised him to dump the girl and move on while criticizing the girl, as they did not understand why she would chase after him seeing as she was already in the arms of another guy.

Many of them wrote comforting comments and consoled the guy saying that he would find a better one. There were also speculations that it was staged or fake but this has not been confirmed as well.

Anyone can tell that this sure is a heartbreaking sight for anyone who could ever put themselves in the shoes of the man wearing the teddy bear costume. We just wish for the best for him in all his future endeavors especially in finding the love of his life.