Why is Pink Himalayan salt is very expensive?

Salt is an ingredient that can be found inside our homes. It can even be used in any type of dish in order for it to be tastier. But, did you know that there is a certain type of salt that is super expensive?

The Pink Himalayan Salt maybe fancy to look at but you may think twice about trying to take a pinch of it after you know its real price! 100 grams of Pink Himalayan salt can cost up to 20 times the price of the ordinary table salt.

So, why is this type of salt so expensive?

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, Business Insider, it was explained that the Pink Himalayan Salt can reportedly aid in almost everything. From weight loss, reducing aging, regulating sleep, and even increasing libido.

To further explain why the Pink Himalayan Salt has such a huge difference in price compared to the other types of salt, it is because it cannot be easily obtained just anywhere unlike the ones we have at home.

In certain regions of the world, buried hundreds of feet below the ground, are the remains of evaporated seas. A mineral called halite is being harvested by drilling the rock face, crushing the salt, and splintering it into pieces. This pink salt can only be found in very few places across the world.

The majority of its supply comes from Pakistan specifically from the Khewra Salt Mine which produces roughly 350,000 tons per year.

Additionally, the pink salt is estimated to have 84 different types of minerals in it but these only compose 2% of its structure which contradicts the previous claims that it is the ‘healthier’ type of salt.

What made the Pink Himalayan Salt rise to fame is its “aesthetic” appeal to Instagram that made people want to try it. But basically, it is still salt but its color made it appealing to a lot of people.

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