The online world reacts to Peppa Pig’s height!

Peppa Pig is a popular figure among kids. This pig character has numerous videos on various social media platforms that are all booming with views especially that kids nowadays prefer using gadgets than physical play.

As it turns out, the people who are interested in Peppa Pig is not just limited to the kids at age but also to those who are considered kids at heart.

In fact, as Peppa Pig is always seen in the side profile, someone decided to draw her from the front and the result was rather freaky. But that news is so 2018 as Peppa Pig has once again captured the internet’s attention—thanks to YouTuber Memeulous. On Twitter, the online user shared a screenshot of the Google search “Peppa Pig height.”

If Google isn’t messing with us, then this 4-year-old pig can actually be part of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The recent “discovery” spread like wildfire and generated a legion of comments from viewers who are mostly parents—one of which is about her family’s height. Assuming Peppa Pig is really 7ft 1inch tall, does this mean her dad is twice as tall as her?

Well, no one could give a precise answer to that. What we are certain of is that Peppa Pig will continue to entertain the kids all around the world. In fact, she even released her 16-song album called “My First Album”, last July 19.

Whoa! We look forward to more awesome videos from you Peppa! More power.