Team Kramer gives a tour of their new luxurious mansion!

The Kramer family or more widely known as “Team Kramer” has been in the spotlight of Philippine showbiz in the past few years. Through videos uploaded in the family’s channel, their supporters become updated with the latest happenings in their family life.

As Team Kramer has reached a new milestone in their life, people can’t help but be in awe of their luxurious life. Through their Facebook page, they uploaded a video that was entitled “Team Kramer New House Tour!” and shared their journey of getting where they are now.

At the start of the clip, Cheska and Doug recall how they struggled at first when they were still starting their family. They remember paying bills from paycheck to paycheck but looking back, all they have is thanksgiving to God for giving them abundant blessings.

The said video quickly spread and netizens are left wishing they too could step into the house.

Well, let us take the tour to the new Kramer mansion!

Upon stepping into the house, one can see that it was made mostly from wood. Doug emphasized that as much as possible, they made their home nature-friendly because that is what he and Cheska wants. They even have their own water filtration system so that the water inside their home – even one that comes out from the shower can be safe for drinking.

An elevator is even made so people who visit their house will no longer have a hard time climbing up the stairs. The home also has an amazing view overlooking the city and an infinity pool.

As Kendra and Scarlett are home-schooled, the home also has its own classroom. As for the girls’ room, the floors were made of wood that Kendra really loves. The two also have their own walk-in closet full of dresses, clothes, and shoes.

Meanwhile, inside Gavin’s room is a mini basketball hoop. Knowing that his dad loves this sport too much, Gavin can no longer stray far from the path his dad took.

For the master’s bedroom, the biggest size of bed ever made by the furniture company, Uratex can be seen. As this was the biggest bed size the company has made, Doug named it the “Emperor’s Bed”.

Because Doug and Cheska love nature, plants can be seen all over the house.

Overall, the house is a reflection of Doug and Cheska’s personality and as they said in their video, they are really proud to have been able to build their dream house.

Watch the full video of the house tour here: