Dog saves owner’s family but dies after a fierce battle with a poisonous Cobra

A dog is considered a man’s best friend for many reasons. The list may be endless if we start to count it but, one trait of dogs that stands out from the rest is their loyalty. These mammals are very loyal to their owners to the point of sacrificing their own lives just to maintain the safety of human beings around them.

Just like with what happened to this brave dog who is now making rounds online after its brave attempt to shut down a cobra in order to protect the family it was in. A Dachshund named Miley tried hard and fought a cobra trying to enter the house of its owner named Jaime Selim.

Unfortunately, the dog died minutes after catching the venom of the snake. Based on Selim’s FB post, the cobra tried to enter his house in Barangay Lanao, Kidapawan City, Philippines one Friday afternoon. But the two Dachshunds (the black named Miley, and the other one white) stopped the cobra from entering the house.

Footage of the incident from one of Selim’s CCTV cameras shows how the dogs tried to shoo the cobra away by biting the snake at every chance. The footage also shows that the more the cobra got bitten, the stronger it becomes. It spewed venom throughout the fight.

Both dogs were hit by the venomous snake, but Miley fighting the snake so hard was most badly hit during the fight. Selim was grateful to his dogs’ “exceptional courage” in ensuring his family’s safety.

Selim, in his post on his Facebook account, said his dogs saved his one-year-old girl who was sleeping inside the room at the time the cobra attempted to enter his house.

Indeed, dogs are exceptionally loyal to their human families. So, we should learn to love dogs and other animals too so that we can all exist happily in this world.

Watch the full video of the fierce fight below:

What is Philippine Cobra?

Philippine Cobra is a venomous snake that can grow up to 1.6 meters in length. This species mostly feed on frogs and rodents. When this snake’s venom enters the victim’s body, it can cause respiratory paralysis and eventually death.