Flight postponed after a man tried to “hitch” a ride on the wing of a plane

In order to get to another place in just a short time, people prefer to ride airplanes. This is why most get irritated when a flight schedule is delayed. In an effort to calm their passengers, airline personnel explains the cause of the delay to their passengers. But, what happens when the delay of a flight is no longer caused by a natural disturbance or a malfunction on the plane?

Flight Azman Air 737 was about to take off in the airport of Lagos, Nigeria. As it was maneuvering in the runway, passengers who were looking out the window were horrified with what they saw — a man was crawling his way to the left-wing of the plane.

The passengers quickly alerted the flight attendants who quickly reported to the pilot so the plane was stopped just in time. The man was then told to get off the Boeing 737’s wing. Police officers were then called to investigate the incident and the identity of the man.

According to Rachfeed, the authorities were able to find the luggage of the man inside the left engine of the plane. Thankfully, the luggage did not damage any part of the plane and the flight was able to take off without any problems after just a few minutes.

As of writing time, there were still no reports as to why the man decided to do such a daredevil act. He was just lucky that a passenger was able to saw him just before takeoff. We could only imagine the worst things happening to him and the rest of the passengers of the aircraft if his plan was materialized.

Watch a short clip of what the man did below: