Fearless students cross the river inside plastic bags just to go to school

Education is a vital part of the life of a human being but, it is a sad truth that there are places where access to schools is quite poor. Just like in the Huoi Ha Village in Vietnam where children are placed in giant plastic bags before swimming across the Nam Chim Stream in order to go to school.

According to 9gag, during the dry season, children can cross the stream by a makeshift bamboo bridge, but during the rainy season, they usually have to cross the stream by raft or plastic bags.

Vang A Po, chairman of Na Sang Commune said:
“We have warned local residents of latent risks to travel through the stream by plastic bags, but the swift-flowing water can also sweep rafts away, so they have to choose this way. Earlier, a local person was injured in a capsized raft here.”

According to Nguyen Minh Phu, chairman of Muong Cha District, crossing the stream by plastic bags is not common. They only use this method when the stream is high and unsafe to go by the bridge.

Additionally, after crossing the river, the children have to walk for 5 hours through a slippery terrain before finally arriving at school. Then, students usually stay in the school for the week, only returning on the weekend.

As this has been a long term problem in the community, bridges have been proposed but there’s no funding to build one. It’s estimated that it would need VND6 billion (USD272,727) to build the bridge, however getting construction materials along the slippery and narrow 12km road could be difficult. The district hoped to soon get government funding for the project.

We hope that this project will soon be materialized so that these children can be at ease and just have fun and learn in school like all the other children from the rest of the world.