Pinay gets nothing after refusing PHP650K offer from children of rich British husband

When it comes to love, there is no discrimination as to age or nationality of partners. What is important is the feelings they have for each other and how these feelings will help them withstand the tests life may throw at them.

However, not all love stories end up like those in fairytales. Just like what happened with this 52-year-old Pinay who was left in tears after losing a court battle with her late husband’s children over his estate. According to The Sun UK, she previously refused to settle with the children who initially offered her £10k (Php642k) and plane tickets to the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of The Sun

Rosita and Michael Hendry’s love story started back in 2003, it was also in the same year that the two married each other. They would later live in East Molesey, Surrey, England where Michael owns a grand home worth £220,000 (Php14.1 million).

As the years passed, however, the relationship turned sour. Michael believes Rosita has boyfriends behind his back while the Pinay claims that her British husband was rough on her and would often drink. The situation became worse that Rosita eventually filed for a divorce.

The divorce proceedings were still in process when Michael perished in 2017. Rosita was surprised to learn that she gets nothing from her late husband because he wrote her off from his Last Will and Testament.

Photo courtesy of The Sun

Everything that Michael owned, including the £220,000 house near Hampton Court Palace, went to his two children from a previous relationship. Michael’s kids were kind enough to offer Rosita with £10,000 (Php642,000) and a flight home, but the Filipina wanted a bigger cut of her late husband’s estate.

Taking pity on their stepmother, the kids decided they would split the estate into three, giving her one portion. But the Pinay took Michael’s kids to court to get a fairer share, believing she deserved half the estate while the kids should split the remaining half.

Instead of accepting their offer and go home with £10,000 (Php642,000) to the Philippines, Rosita was stuck in England with no money after the court ruled in favor of Michael’s children.