Motorcycle back-rider uses cauldron as helmet because he can’t afford to buy one

Certain rules and regulations are being implemented when it comes to transport. As most accidents on the road are caused by or involve motorcycles, strict rules are being implemented for this specific type of vehicle. One of the most commonly violated rules is the proper use of helmets.

While this policy is primarily implemented for the safety of riders, it seems that some take it for granted while others even use “alternative” materials to replace helmets.

Just like what this motorcycle rider did. A video uploaded by GMA News is now gaining attention because it features someone who is wearing a cauldron as his very own replacement for a helmet The said video was reportedly taken in Tuguegarao, Cagayan.

The video also showed police officers taking note of the man’s violation of the “No Helmet, No Travel” policy. Thus, he was charged a penalty amounting to PHP200.

When the man was asked, he explained that he has no money to buy a helmet which was why he ultimately decided to just use the cauldron available inside their home.

Well, his intention is good but rules are still rules and no one is exempted when it comes to the law.

Later on, authorities found out that the driver and the rider of the motorcycle are both drunk which added to their previous violation.

May this rider’s experience serve as a lesson to everyone especially for those who take law enforcers and the law itself for granted. After all, these are also for your own safety.

Watch the full video here: