How to fight Dengue fever effectively according to Doc Ong, Mata

During the rainy season, cases of Dengue fever tend to increase at an alarmingly fast rate. This is because mosquitoes also reproduce rapidly during this season as stagnant water may be left unattended in some areas. Health professionals repeatedly remind everyone to take extra caution during this season in order to prevent the spread of dengue.

Dr. Richard Mata, an esteemed pediatrician shared through Youtube some of his insights about Dengue which may be helpful to everyone. In a 14-minute clip, Mata explained how Dengue affects the body of its victim.

He first re-iterated the main symptoms of Dengue which are high fever, nausea/vomiting, skin flushing, loss of appetite and bleeding of nose and gums.

Then, he gave an illustration of how Dengue penetrates the body by using a clear plastic bag with water in it. He used a needle to make holes through the plastic bag to show how veins are being destroyed by the Dengue virus. He then inserted tawa-tawa and papaya inside the plastic, these two are known herbal plants that aid in the cure of Dengue.

Later on, he emphasized that the most important thing Dengue patients and their guardians should be aware of is that patients should stay hydrated as this is very effective in making the veins damaged by Dengue be restored rapidly as shown in his illustration.

Dr. Mata also reminded everyone that although there are many medicines for Dengue available in the market, prevention is still better than cure. Be vigilant in your surroundings so as Dengue fever may be prevented!

Watch the informative demonstration below: