Rich dad gifts daughter $64 million home for her engagement party

For couples who are ready to start their own family, it is very important to have a house of their own. This is for them to learn to be an independent family and not just depend on their in-laws. However, given the circumstances of today, it may be hard to obtain a house in just a short period.

Well, that doesn’t appear like it will be the case for 28-year-old Sabrina Ho and her Harvard undergrad fiancé who have received a rather generous dowry from her dear old dad.

As it turns out, Sabrina’s father is none other than Stanley Ho, the Hong Kong-born “Casino King” of Macau. Ho owns 19 casinos in Macau, two more than the number of children he has fathered (that’s 17 kids with four different women, polygamy was legal in Hong Kong until 1971). Sabrina was born to his fourth wife in 1990.

According to Shanghaiist, Sabrina met 21-year-old Thomas Xin back in 2018 and after dating for only four months, they got engaged. It’s been reported that Sabrina was already three months pregnant by that time. She’s due to give birth to a baby girl soon.

Plus, it seems that wealth will just come in handy for the couple as the father-to-be was born in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin to also a wealthy family. He was admitted into Harvard after scoring an impressive 2260 points out of 2400 on the SAT and 114 out of 120 on the TOEFL. The couple will reportedly reside in the US until he graduates. They will tie the knot next summer at a castle-themed wedding in Portugal.

Over the weekend, a lavish engagement party was held for the couple. Sabrina’s younger brother, Mario, documented the occasion on Weibo, posting photos of Sabrina clad in a traditional red Chinese dress and rings of gold.

The pair are reported to have received around HK$100 million ($12.7) in gold and diamond jewelry engagement gifts from well-wishers. However, Sabrina’s dad provided the most ostentatious gift of all, a house worth HK$500 million ($63.9 million).

Aren’t the couple just dreamy? Well, we only have the best wishes for them as they go on their journey to build a happy family.