Researcher meets and shares meal with New Guinnea tribe that practiced cannibalism

Cannibals are often portrayed in movies as people with a scary appearance and eat “raw” food which even includes human flesh. This is why cannibals are often feared by many people. But, what happens when one meets a tribe who actually practices cannibalism?

Read on and find out.

This National Geographic researcher named Pierce Given bravely went all the way to the island of New Guinea where the most active records of Cannibalism are reported.

New Guinea is the western part of an island along with Papua New Guinea. The said island in just north of Australia but it still remains as one of the least explored areas in the whole world. People who reside on the island are divided among tribes and various languages are spoken by the people.

By making an effort to go all the way to the secluded Island, Pierce Given’s research aims to shed light on what really happens in the daily life of people who practice Cannibalism. Questions like, “who do they kill?” and “how do they kill people?” are just a few of the ones that were running through Given’s mind while he was off with the tribe.

These series of videos now uploaded on Youtube will further explain the details of the life of Cannibals. Watch the video above for the first part and this video for the second part.

So, what do you think? Do you now have a clearer understanding of how Cannibals live their lives?