Former soldier reveals he had 26 kids from 19 girlfriends

While infidelity is a very big issue here in the Philippines, some countries have laws that enable citizens to get married a few times throughout their lifetime. Of course, this also comes with the condition that they should be able to support all of the families that they build.

This is why being an illegitimate child is sometimes shameful that parents hide their child from their partners and are often regretful of their infidelity.

Well, this man named Lordy begs to differ with the norm as he revealed through Facebook that he had 26 kids from 19 girls he had a relationship with! How did that happen?

Lordy, a former soldier, explained that back in his youthful days, he was quite handsome that he can easily connect with girls around him. That was why it was easy for him to have been in a relationship with many girls.

According to Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho, Lordy further explains that as he was assigned in various areas because of his job, his many children are also born in various cities all over the Philippines! It can even be safe to say that Lordy has a child for the three main islands of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Lordy revealed that originally, he was a very faithful person towards his partner but, the latter left Lordy to go with another man. It was then that Lordy made a vow to never be faithful to anyone ever again.

Meanwhile, through KMJS, Lordy’s kids were able to air out their sentiments about their father. All their disappointments and longing for a father figure which Lordy never was for them.

In the end, they were all able to find reconciliation as the fact still remains that all of them are related by blood and are considered a family.

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