Woman in Batanes leaves electricity bills payment outside their house because it’s safe

“Honesty is the best policy” is a popular saying that most people abide with while others do not. With the huge number of people around the world, it can be hard to distinguish who is honest and who is not which is why people often have trust issues.

Well, this particular post made by ABS-CBN news is now gaining attention online because it shows the true essence of honesty. In the said post, a photo of an electric bill along with money inside a plastic can be seen. The caption reads that people in Batanes are already used to just leaving their payments for bills outside their homes and it is up to the collector to secure them. This practice has been going on for quite a long time already which just proves how honest the people of Batanes are.


As we can recall, an “Honesty Coffee Shop” can also be found on the island. Honesty Coffee Shop isn’t your ordinary cafe. It is unmanned and always open, allowing the customers to get what they need and trust that they do the right thing and pay right. Yep, you just get what you want and drop your payment at designated boxes.

Owned by married couple Jose and Elena Gabilo, the Honesty Coffee Shop has become a tourist spot on its own.

In as much as we only have praises for the honest people of Batanes, the opposite goes with the people of Metro Manila. Back in September 2018, the Manila Police District (MPD) opened its version of the “honesty store”.

However, after just six months of operation, they decided to close the shop citing financial losses attributed to dishonest buyers.

“We have decided to close the store because it is not picking up. On the contrary, we are losing money and it is not a good idea to continue when nothing is happening positively,” MPD Finest Brotherhood Cooperative general manager Ester Tan told The STAR.

Tan said they have footage from the lobby’s closed-circuit television showing “nameless people who just get money from the box as if it is their personal ATM machine.”

This just shows that there are really opposite types of people that exists in this world. There is good and there is bad. Nevertheless, it is still up to a person whether they choose to be part of the good side or the bad side. So, better choose your path according to what your conscience tells you. After all, the decision still lies within you.