Grab driver finds underwear left on the passenger seat

Oftentimes, drivers of for-hire vehicles like taxi, grab or uber see to it that they keep their vehicles clean and orderly so that passengers will also have a good time in the duration of their ride. This is why after dropping off a passenger, they often check the passenger seat for garbage or other things that may be left by the passenger. However, there are times when something unexpected shows up during their cleaning stint.

Just like in the funny experience of this grab driver whose Facebook name was Leiah Codera. In the said post, it was stated that she as a grab driver was on her way to pick up a passenger at the airport. While she was assisting her passenger, she noticed that a plastic cup was left by the previous passenger.

Seeing that there was trash left behind, she picked it up. To her surprise, there was a small black cloth under it. At first, she thought it was her face mask, but she wondered how it managed to be there.

So, when she took a look at the black cloth, it turns out that it was a “T-Back” underwear. The driver was then left wondering as to how such a piece of clothing was left in her car. There were many possibilities running through her mind.

Meanwhile, many netizens find the post hilarious and also shared their ideas as to how the underwear was left in the car.

How about you? Can you also share your thoughts about how the “T-back” was left there? Leave them in the comments section below!

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