Teacher used mosquito net in class for her students to avoid Dengue

During the rainy season, people become vulnerable to various types of diseases. May it be a simple cold, runny nose or cough, all of these can easily affect individuals, especially those that have weak immune systems. One type of disease that becomes increasingly rampant during the rainy season is Dengue. This disease also poses serious danger to possible victims.

Most of the time, the victims of dengue are schoolchildren. This is why a teacher from Thailand has devised a way to prevent an outbreak of dengue in her class. She simply covered her whole class with a mosquito net! In photos uploaded by the Facebook page, RMN Iloilo, it can be seen that the children were all inside a big mosquito net along with an electric fan. The teacher can be seen going through her lesson outside of the big mosquito net.

The said post quickly gained attention and many Facebook users praised the teacher for such a genius and economical idea to save her students from possible life-threatening disease. Many also expressed their admiration towards the teacher for being very resourceful without disrupting the flow of classes inside her room. All over the comments section were words of praise for the teacher and well wishes for her career to prosper in the near future.

Indeed, this is a genius idea to help prevent the spread of dengue. But, it still lies with each and every one of us to be wary of our surroundings and always maintain a clean environment so that mosquitoes and all the diseases they carry could not penetrate. After all, working hand in hand can make impossible things possible.