Unique prenup photo shoot concept goes viral

These days, couples seem to have their own way of expressing their unique qualities through creative prenup shoots. Some spend thousands of pesos to make a grand concept come to life while there are also others who find means to be unique in their own way.

That is exactly what this couple has done that has managed to gain the attention of many Facebook users. The couple we are talking about is Jeff and Mavic.

In a series of photos uploaded by the Facebook page, Dexter Eusebio Films, the couple can be seen enjoying a happy time with a scenic view behind them. Coconut trees, beach, huts and genuine smiles are all present in the photos.

Everything else is what you can see from other prenup photo shoots except that the couple is only wearing carton! Yep, that’s exactly it, no extravagant gowns or costumes, just plain carton to cover most parts of their bodies.

The two even enjoyed eating street foods in a stall with their very unique outfit. Another photo showed the two running after one another as if they were kids enjoying their playtime.

See the photos here:

Who would have thought that such a kind of concept can be quite amusing to look at? Sure enough, this unique concept done by the couple will go down in history and will be remembered for quite a long time.

Well, are you planning to get married soon too? What would you like as a concept for your prenup shoot? Tell us in the comments section below!