Dad handmade son’s school bag because he can’t afford to buy him a new one

The love of parents for their children is something that cannot be compared to all other tangible things in this world. It is simply something that cannot be measured but will surely prove itself in numerous ways.

Just like in this touching story of a father and his beloved son. The story of this father and son first gained attention after photos of a blue woven raffia string bag carried by a boy in school in Battambang province in Cambodia, posted on Facebook by Sophous Suon on Monday, June 17, has gained the attention of netizens. This is because it is unusual for boys his age to carry such type of bag.

Later on, it was revealed that the 5-year-old boy in the photo is named Ny Keng. He studies in Lumphat Primary School and is currently in first grade. Suon, his teacher, told that Keng’s mom takes him to school every day.

According to Suon, her student told her that he just got back from Thailand where his father works. Keng also told her that it was his father who made the bag as he could not afford to buy him a new one.

Ny Keng, a first-grader in Cambodia proudly carries his blue raffia string bag woven by his dad. His bag was all made of raffia strings. It has black straps at the back, and a plastic buckle to secure its flap.

Ny Keng’s dad caught the attention of netizens who were touched by his love and effort to provide for his son’s education. They praised him for his resourcefulness and creativity. Other netizens suggested that Keng’s dad could also do a living by weaving more raffia string bags.

Indeed, this proves just how deep the love of a parent is for his child. One can never accurately measure such but it simply shows in the actions and sacrifices done by the parents for their children. Are you proud of your dad too? Share us your incredible superdad stories in the comment section!