Canal in Thailand is filled up with used condoms

Improper waste disposal remains one of the biggest dilemmas we are facing today. It may be sad but it’s true that more and more people seem to have no care for the environment at all. Throwing waste here and there seems to be the basic norm for some people.

This is why environmentalists and activists also make the extra effort to once again remind humanity that all of us are only living in this world passively. What is important is for us to think about future generations and try to preserve mother nature for them. However, it seems that most people still ignore the possible dangers of improper waste disposal.

Just like in the recent case of the Bangkok Yai Canal which was discovered to be polluted with a slew of used condoms. The photos of the canal, filled with used condoms, went viral after being posted on social media.  Online user Nai Pan posted on Facebook about her disappointment when she saw these thin, latex pouches floating along the waterway with the other pieces of rubbish and plastics.

In the photos uploaded, it seems that 90% of the waste that can be seen floating in the Yai Canal were condoms. Many people who came across the said post were left baffled by it.

Meanwhile, Pan told Inquirer that maintenance officials have already cleaned the waterways. She further hopes that this kind of incident won’t happen again anytime soon and encouraged everyone to be wary of their surroundings. While there may be nothing wrong with safe sex, one should still be responsible enough to throw trash in its proper place.

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