“Religious” thief makes cross sign while entering victims home

Many cases of theft have been recorded in various areas. Luckily, most of these cases are solved immediately with the help of CCTV cameras that have managed to capture the suspects. Now that CCTVs can come in handy for everyone, more and more people are keeping one or two outside their hones for security purposes.

In this certain rare case that has occurred in Quezon City, what was caught on cam was someone now dubbed as a ‘religious thief’. According to GMA News, a man was recorded by a nearby CCTV making the sign of the cross before he proceeds to illegally enter the premises.

In the said short clip recorded by the CCTV, a man can be seen standing outside a house in Barangay Isabang, Tayabas City. The clip was taken in the middle of the night when residents are sound asleep inside their home.

A few moments later, the man parked his motorcycle nearby and started with his plan. He climbed up the wall to get to the inside part of the house. What made the clip quite unique from the other theft acts caught on CCTV is that the thief even dis the sign of the cross before proceeding with his crime.

While he was inside, he went around the house and saw the cars parked outside. That was when he decided to break the window of the SUV but after seeing that he could not take anything useful, he then went back to where he first climbed and did the sign of the cross again before trying to sneak into the rooms in the upper part of the house. The suspect then hurriedly left the scene.

According to the person who uploaded the video, there was nothing stolen from their house during that night.

Meanwhile, as of writing time, authorities are still looking into the identity of the man in the video.

Watch the full video here: