VIRAL: Tour guide gains attention after taking “groufie” with tourists

When we travel to certain tourist spots, people always give time to take photos as a remembrance to a moment that is otherwise gone. These photos serve as a treasure and a memory that will be left cherished for a long time.

Inasmuch as there are picture perfect photos, there are also others that might not come out as expected. Just like this hilarious photo-op went wrong of the Santiago Family.

Facebook user, Kim Santiago recently posted two photos on her account which show her family posing with their tour guide, a dude named Victor, in El Nido, Palawan.

The pictures are now viral because of one funny mistake. In them, their family is completely blurred in the background while Victor, who took the photos selfie-style, was the focus of the images.

“Thanks a lot to our tour guide. It was a huge honor that we were captured just a little on our group pic,” Santiago wrote sarcastically on her Facebook post.

The photos left netizens so amused that the post has been shared more than 50,000 times as of this article’s posting.

There were a few angry reactions too, prompting Santiago to add a little explanation to the post saying: “So why are there so many people who were mad? Kuya Victor was aware that I was going to post these because we all thought they were funny after we saw the photos. That wasn’t edited, that was on portrait mode on iPhone XR. We didn’t know it was in portrait because he was a little far from us. I wasn’t embarrassing him.”

In a Facebook messenger interview with Coconuts Manila, Santiago said the photos were taken in Hidden Beach on June 12, the Philippine Independence Day holiday. At first, Victor was taking photos of their family using her brother’s phone. The Santiago family then asked Victor to pose with them via a groufie (that’s portmanteau for “group selfie”).

“When we went back to the boat, and I was transferring photos, that was the only time when I noticed that the photos were taken in portrait mode [and our faces were blurred],” Santiago said. “We laughed so hard and then I told him (Victor) that I was going to post the photos, and that so many of our friends on Facebook would react.”

“I didn’t expect that so many people would share my post,” Santiago added. “When I first posted it [last week] there were just 40 reactions, and then when I checked earlier, they have increased a lot.”

Many netizens were amused by Santiago’s post that they too were prompted to share their own experiences of the same moment. Like this commenter named KC Dairo who tagged her friends and wrote: “Hi galsss. Relate?”

Another netizen named BJ Mendoza also shared his failed groufie. “Thanks mama, for the food,” he wrote.

Well, who would have thought that many others can relate to Kim’s hilarious experience? Do you have your own version too? Go and share it with us in the comments section now!

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Maraming salamat sa tour guide namin. Napakalaking karangalan po ang maaninag sa group pic natin.PS. SO BAKIT ANDAMING…

Posted by Kim Santiago on Thursday, June 13, 2019