Resourceful kid uses his slippers as an eraser

It is a sad truth that although education at the primary level is free here in the Philippines, there are students who cannot afford to buy school necessities such as paper, bag, uniform, pencil, erasers and etc. So, in order to get through another day in school, these students try to make use of what they have.

That is exactly what happened with this elementary student named Harold Labutong who goes to Engracio M Castañeda Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac.

According to TheCampFireThoughts, Harold hails from a poor family and they were unable to buy school supplies for him. Even the pencil that he is using is one that he has used in the previous school year which explains why it was too short already. He also does not own an eraser so he only borrows one from his classmates.

One day, when Harold was trying to borrow an eraser from his classmate, the latter mentioned that the eraser he is using is made from the rubber of a slipper. This gave Harold the idea to also use his slipper as an eraser.

Since then, he has been using his slipper as an eraser. Although this has been his situation, Harold still continues to have a positive outlook and still strives to go to school and learn.

His teacher even said that Harold is a diligent student and is very generous towards his classmates. He even lets them borrow his slipper when they ask for it.

It is sad to think that these children suffer from things they shouldn’t have. However, when you look at the brighter side, what these children are doing is truly admirable. This just shows how eager they are to learn in order to become better citizens of this country and that no challenge of poverty can hinder them from achieving their goals in life.