Man attempts to swim from Cebu to Bohol because he has “no money” to buy a ticket

Coast guards and other authorities in charge of the security of sea vessels as well as its passengers often see to it that they take the extra mile in ensuring the safety of every traveler. This is why it came as a surprise to them when one sunny day in November 2018, they noticed a man “floating” in the midst of the sea by using styrofoam. The man was spotted near Talisay Port in Cebu City.

The authorities were then alerted by what they saw that they immediately helped the man out of the water. When the man was finally out and his clothes were changed, the cost guards were able to identify him as Ceferino Angco. According to Angco, he was planning to go all the way to Bohol as one of his relatives passed away. Unfortunately, he does not have enough money to buy a ticket to ride a ferry from Cebu to Bohol. So, he decided to try ‘swimming’ his way to cross the island.

Pinoyyan also revealed that it has already been 9 hours since Angco went into the water. He recalls that he started swimming at around 11:30 PM. He intentionally waited for the night so that no one can see him as swimming is prohibited in the area.

Good thing for Angco, his plight reached the public official of Talisay Cebu named Jojo Bacaitos and he immediately sent help for the poor man. He provides the ticket and food for Angco to go all the way to Bohol without any hassle. On the other hand, Angco was very thankful for all the people who helped him and saved his life.

While there still remains a lot of people like Angco who can’t afford certain things in life, it’s a good thing that there are still a lot of people who are willing to help those who are in need without asking for anything in return. Kudos to you all!