Seaman confesses to being HIV positive and seeks help on social media

The cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV has been constantly increasing all over the world. This has caused an alarm to health professionals especially that this disease is highly dangerous and that there is no direct cure for this yet.

Additionally, people who are diagnosed to be HIV-positive often have a hard time telling people around them that they are suffering from such disease. This is because some sort of discrimination is automatically given to these people.

This is probably why an anonymous seaman decided to share his worries through a Facebook page called Marino Ph.

Through a post, the anonymous sender tells everyone that he badly needs help after he was diagnosed to be HIV-positive. He recalls to have finished his contract as a seaman back in November 2018, as he and his colleagues were off to have fun after another completed contact, they decided to hire a commercial s*x worker.

The sender recalls that he did not use any “protection” during his encounter with the commercial s*x worker and even confessed to being unfaithful to his girlfriend after having another affair with his ex while he was still in Manila.

After a month, he went back to his province and he was warmly welcomed by his girlfriend and they even celebrated Christmas and new year while traveling together to various place like Baguio, Cebu and Boracay. Everything went well as he was also planning to get married to his girlfriend in June.

But, everything was shattered when he took a medical exam in Manila and found out that he is positive from HIV. He was so confused that he no longer knew what to do especially that his girlfriend is now 4 months pregnant. It was as if his whole world ended after the doctors announced his condition.

Now, he is asking for anyone who can help him get through the depressing effect of finding out that he has HIV. Lucky for him, many Facebook users responded to his call for help and willingly gave a heads up to meet with him anytime he wants to. Many also reminded him to pray as anything is possible with the power of prayer.

Whoever this anonymous sender may be, we hope that he gets the help he desperately needs and that he soon gains the courage to tell the people around him about his situation so that everything will be resolved peacefully.

You can read his full post here:

Im a Seaman and HIV Positive…Magandang araw MARINO PH..ako po si J******* tubong Mindanao 24 yrs old (MY NEW ACCOUNT…

Posted by Marino Ph on Friday, 7 June 2019