Customer throws drinks to manager due to straw-less store policy

Fast food restaurants are very common here in the Philippines. Many customers also prefer to eat in these restaurants because of the tasty yet affordable food that they offer and the quality customer service that they provide. However, there are times when some customers may cross the line and act rudely towards the employees of the Fast Food restaurant.

Just like in the experience of this fast food employee who happened to encounter a very rude customer. Through a post on her personal Facebook account, Imee Joy Urgelles recalls how one customer threw the content of a paper cup right into her uniform.

Imee explained that the customer did so after she explained how the fast food restaurant she is working on now has a “straw-less” practice when it comes to their beverages as their way of contributing to the call of saving mother nature for future generations.

After Imee explained their new practice, the customer was still angry because she was not given a “straw” which prompted her to pour the contents of her glass into Imee’s uniform.

On her post, Imee even said that her mother was the one who ironed her uniform earlier that day which made her a bit sad after some random stranger just went on damaging it. Despite that, Imee still continued with her duty and made a shoutout to all the other fastfood customers who can fully understand their straw less practice and just goes through with it. As for that one rude customer, Imee only sends her well wishes to her.

Meanwhile, Imee’s post has caught the attention of many netizens causing it to gain a lot of shares and reactions. Many people expressed their stand on the straw less practice of fast food restaurants and how this can greatly affect our environment.

"Straw Less"Sa customer na nagbuhos sakin ng softdrinks dahil sa "straw less" kami ingat po kayo Mam. Thank you dahil…

Posted by Imee Joy Urgelles on Friday, 31 May 2019