Vlogger gets instant karma after trying to eat an Octopus alive

There are now many vloggers on various social media platforms. These people try to share a glimpse of their lives with the rest of the world. There are others who make travel vlogs, gadget review vlogs and of course, food vloggers will never grow old.

In as much as there have been many who now made names for themselves, there are also a few epic fail videos that may not have served its prior purpose but still left a mark on social media users.

Just like this video made by a Chinese vlogger. In the said video, she can be seen holding up an octopus as she was live-streaming herself trying to “eat” a live one. However, a few minutes through the video, everything went out of her hand because instead of her “eating” the live octopus, it was the animal that tried to “eat” her face.

The woman, who goes by the name, “Seaside Girl Little Seven” can be heard screaming and struggling to remove the octopus from her face while the sea creature also clings hard onto her.

She was still smiling at first but all of that turned into cries after she realized that it was a hard struggle to remove the tentacles of the octopus which was now all over her face.

In the end, she successfully removed the octopus but it already left a wound on the left side of her face which obviously made her worried that she can be seen crying and eventually turning off the live stream.

Yes, it’s never wrong to try out new things for a video to gain views but let us also remember to analyze the situation first before pushing through with the plan. After all, it is better to take extra caution than to regret and feel sorry for yourself in the end.

Watch the full video here: