Mazda car parked perfectly in between a canal amazes the online world

A car owner’s responsibility does not solely end with just being able to buy a car. The maintenance fees, among others, come afterward. Plus, it’s an additional dilemma if there is no parking space for your car inside or near your home.

Well, that sure is a big problem for some but for this particular car owner, the lack of parking space is no problem at all! Simply because he can easily park his car even between a canal!

Many netizens have various reactions after a photo of a Mazda car parked perfectly in between a canal made rounds online. In Mazda’s website, even their cheapest car can cost up to PHP 850,000 so, how come that this car owner could not provide a proper parking space for his expensive car?

To make the “parking lot” seem more pleasing, a temporary roof was made to protect the car from the striking sun or heavy rain.

In the photos, it can be seen that the canal underneath the car is quite huge and long and the space on both sides is too narrow for the car to pass through it. Just one wrong move and the car will come rolling down the canal.

As the photo gained a lot of attention, people expressed their comments with some praising the driver for his awesome skill of perfectly parking the car. There are also others who wondered as to how the passengers of the car can possibly ride it because the sides of the canal are too narrow. There was even one who jokingly said that when the canal overflows, the car will immediately get a free car wash and under chassis.

According to Definitely Filipino, there were no details as to where this photo of the car was taken. However, it can be recalled that the lack of parking space is already a problem here in the Philippines.

In fact, back in 2018, the Senate already proposed a Proof of Parking Space Act whereby interested car buyers cannot purchase one without a parking space in their house. This act is only applicable in Metro Manila and it further states that a fine of PHP 50,000 may be imposed to whoever that will be caught violating this act.

So, better be ready with your parking space first before deciding to purchase your dream car or you can just improve your driving skill to level 99999 and be like this awesome driver of the ‘Mazda parked in between a canal.’