College entrance exam topper wows everyone with 99.99+ percentile rank

Education is one key ingredient to become a successful person in whatever career track one may choose. This is why investing money, time and hard work in quality education is never a waste. Its a lifetime investment that also promises a lifetime of returns.

In the case of this brilliant student from Cagayan National High School, she brought hard work and intelligence into one combination and the result is beyond extraordinary!

Meet Alpha Kassandra Leonille A. Acain, the top Cagayan State University – College Assessment Test (CSU-CAT) scorer who managed to get an overall rating of 99.99+ percentile giving her the upper .01 percent of the examinees. Even Acain’s individual scores in each category of the test proved just how competent she is.

Throughout her years in high school, Acain had numerous achievements and she just continues to make a name for herself. In fact, she was one of the selected senior high students who represented the Philippines in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 which was held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Acain, along with her group mates worked on their research entitled “Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System for Quality Control, Drying, and storing of Rice Varities” which aims to help improve post-harvest practices of rice products in their community. Additionally, they were awarded with “Young Scientist Award” by the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation in recognition of their valuable and useful research.

Acain’s amazing achievement at such a young age amazed Facebook users and they praised her for being a role model to aspiring students just like her. We hope for continuous success in her future endeavors so that she can inspire many more people.

Sources: CSU Communicator, Reeke Garcia / Facebook