Woman slaps boyfriend in public for not getting a new phone on Chinese “Valentines Day”

When you are in a romantic relationship, it is often considered just a usual thing for couples to give or receive gifts from each other. This is their way of expressing their love and care for each other through material things.

While it is considered an unwritten rule for couples to give gifts to each other whenever they want to, there are also times when one of them may ask for a certain type of gift. But, what happens when the other party fails to fulfill what is expected of him?

This particular woman has the most outrageous reaction after her boyfriend failed to meet her expectations. She simply couldn’t keep calm and launched a flurry of slaps on her boyfriend when he failed to buy her a smartphone for Valentine’s Day.

Surveillance and cell phone cameras caught the couple fighting in the Dazhou Sichuan province. The woman is seen berating the man before a large crowd. Then, things turned violent when she began slapping him numerous times — 52 times to be exact.

The boyfriend remained still and simply took the abuse. He barely flinches, let alone try to restrain her or retaliate in any way.

Things got even more interesting when the police attempted to separate the pair as the man still insisted on defending the woman even after the painful ordeal she had put him through. He said that he had made a mistake by not buying her the phone and claimed that receiving the physical abuse from his partner was the only way to calm her anger.

A police investigation confirmed that the man had been slapped 52 times in public by his girlfriend — a bizarre way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After the police counseled the couple separately, they said that they argued over some issue.

According to Elite Readers, the woman, who had been financially supporting her boyfriend for long, got angry when he couldn’t even buy her a mobile phone for Valentine’s Day. This or any other reason is not a good enough explanation for abusing someone and humiliating them in public. What the woman did was wrong and unethical – something that shouldn’t be thought of as funny.

The couple refused to settle their dispute at the police station, but eventually calmed down and vowed to solve their problems in a more civilized manner in the future.

In case you were wondering why the Chinese woman was asking for Valentine’s gift in May, it’s because instead of February 14, Chinese couples celebrate Valentine’s Day on May 20 or “520” as they call it.

You can watch the full clip of the “slapping incident” here: