Lookout Parrot shouts “Mama, Police” to warn drug suspect owner ends up in Jail

Parrots are known to be the type of birds that can ‘speak’ some words depending on how they are trained. This is why many people are amused with parrots and chose them as their household pet.

In this rare case that happened in Brazil, it turns out that a parrot was used as an accomplice to the crimes of its owner.

According to GMA News, a parrot ended up in jail along with its drug suspect owner after they were captured in a drug raid by police officers in Brazil.

Authorities raided the house of Vila Irmã Dulce after they received reports of drug pushing in the area. Reports say that when the parrot saw the police making their way towards the house, the bird instantly shouted “Mama, Police!” (in Portuguese)

Police authorities assume that the parrot might have been trained by its owner to do such a thing.

Nevertheless, the suspect was still unable to flee and ended up in jail together with the parrot. Surprisingly, the bird just remained silent while inside the jail.

A youtube footage uploaded by Programas Meio Norte, shows the parrot being in custody of the police.

Meanwhile, the parrot has now earned a nickname for itself as coined by the journalists in Brazil, it was named, the “drug-trafficking parrot”. Furthermore, it will soon be transferred to a zoo so that it can be given the due care that it needs.

Who would have thought that the Parrot’s unique ability can be used in this way? What do you think about this controversial event? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!