Girl brings a huge plastic bag of popcorn for Avengers: Endgame

After teasers and hints on the newest Avengers movie started to circulate online, fans have been so hyped that some decided to prepare things before the actual screening day. Well, it seems that among these fans, there are a few who literally took their preparations to a different level.

Just like this lady who was so excited to watch the Avengers: End Game that she came to the first movie screening at 6 am all prepared with a Big Sack of Popcorn wearing her Avengers costume. Avengers End Game movie is said to last for three hours and she made sure she’ll have enough popcorn to last.

The lady identified as Lamon Queen, Tee Radio’s Food Vlogger known in eating large quantities and doing food challenges online was seen buying around 15 buckets of Popcorn before putting it together on a big plastic bag.

“I can finish one bucket of popcorn before the movie starts. It’s so hard to carry all 15 buckets so I brought my own Plastic container,” Lamon Queen said.

According to Helloging, Lamon Queen confessed to having always made her friends upset every time because she keeps eating their Popcorn so they always choose Cinemas with Unlimited Popcorn. But this time these places are all sold out, and they’ve been teasing her as to how can she last for three hours after she finished her popcorn. Her friends are all aware that she really need to eat something while the movie is going on.

Well, she will surely not run out of popcorns for the rest of the 3-hour Avengers: End Game movie! How about you? Do you have your own movie experience to share too? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.