Tourists horrified when a strong earthquake strikes while they are on the pool

As natural disasters are unpredictable, people are advised to always be wary of their surroundings and always be vigilant. However, no matter how vigilant and prepared we may become, some may still be caught up in a dangerous situation when a natural disaster occurs out of nowhere.

Just like what happened to this family who was having a good time at a certain resort in Pampanga. In a video that is now gaining attention online, a family can be seen enjoying the cold water of the swimming pool. Suddenly, a disturbance came in the form of an earthquake.

According to PhilNews, the actual footage of the horrifying scene was taken at Sunshore Resort, Sta. Monica in Lubao, Pampanga.
The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the incident:

The shaking was too strong that even the person who was recording the video failed to maintain her composure. As she turned back to the water, it was as if the waves were as huge as the ones we see in the ocean.

People who were swimming in the pool suddenly rushed to the sides and out of the pool so that they will not be drowned by the ‘huge’ waves.

As we can recall, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit several parts of Luzon on Monday (April 22, 2019) which resulted in several casualties and damages to some skyscrapers in the vicinity.

Following the spread of the video on the internet, many people expressed their concern and opinion about the terrifying moment.

Watch the full video here:

As one family, we hope and pray that the number of casualties of the earthquake will no longer increase and we remind everyone to always be careful wherever they may be.