Daily devotional topic coincides with earthquake in Luzon

Natural disasters are bound to happen but, no one can foresee the exact date or the intensity of the disaster that may come. However, in this rare case, the big earthquake that shook most of Luzon was coincidentally predicted in a religious book.

In a post shared by a Facebook user named Krstna Snchez Dizon, a photo of a book entitled Didache – Daily catholic bible reflection with the date “April 22” can be seen. According to Krstna, a teller at BDO handed her the said book just a few minutes after the earthquake occurred and she felt chills when she read it.

It was because on the April 22 date, the title of the reflection was “The Big One” and the author recalls worrying about the possibility of an earthquake occurring which can destroy the skyscrapers in their vicinity.

Because of the seemingly unexpected coincidence, the online world was intrigued and are now in the midst of contemplating whether this is just a plain text or is there really more meaning to it?

Meanwhile, as of this article’s writing time, casualties were already recorded, according to Philippine Star,  three persons were crushed to death by walls that collapsed during the powerful earthquake that shook San Fernando, Pampanga.

Videos of how the quake shook the skyscrapers are already circulating on the internet. Just like this one posted by a Facebook user named Arbby Domingo, that showed the “swaying” movement of a condominium building.

Another one posted by Michael Rivo, shows water from the rooftop pool splashing all the way down because of the movement of the whole building.