Woman using phone while crossing street gets hit by a taxi

People are repeatedly reminded of the possible dangerous outcome of using cellular phones while driving, walking or in crowded places. Despite these repeated reminders, there are still others who choose to do what they want and bypass these norms.

Well, this woman certainly learned her lesson the hard way after she was accidentally hit by a taxi while using her phone when crossing a street in Singapore.

According to the Facebook post on the page SG Road Vigilante, the incident happened on Friday, April 5, along Lavender Street near Kempas Road.

From the video, it can be seen that the lady is crossing the street while talking on her phone. As she has all her attention on her phone, she did not notice that a taxi was coming from behind, the car then hit her and knocked her on the ground.

According to WhenInManila, the taxi stopped after hitting her and the driver came out to help her. It seemed that the lady was able to stand and the driver helped her get to the sidewalk nearby.

It was a good thing that there were no major injuries inflicted on the woman. We can only imagine the trauma she must have went through after the accident. It sure is an eye opener for her as well as a learning experience she wouldn’t want to repeat ever again.

Meanwhile, the video prompted a lot of comments on social media. People are urging pedestrians to be more careful on the streets and once again reminded to not use cellphones.

You can watch dashcam footage of the incident below: